Konecranes STS cranes

Konecranes has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of Ship-to-Shore (STS) container cranes.

Around the world they are increasing the productivity of quayside operations while decreasing dwell times.

MHM Konecranes STS Ship To Shore crane container handling
MHM Konecranes RTG Rubber Tired Gantry crane container handling

Konecranes RTG cranes

Konecranes RTG (Rubber Tired Gantry) has an intelligent steel structure, Active Load Control (ALC) technology and a smarter cabin, making this RTG the most productive and reliable in the world.

When you choose the Konecranes RTG, you get a growth path to fully automated RTG operation.  Konecranes offers a complete range of power options for RTGs.

Whether your business plan calls for following the diesel-electric path or a fully electric path, we have it covered.

Konecranes RMG intermodal cranes

The Konecranes BOXPORTER RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry) is the result of decades of crane design experience and knowledge from the field.

It incorporates a host of technological innovations, most notably the smarter cabin with video and monitoring technology that provides superb visibility to container handling operations.

Konecranes can tailor BOXPORTER for your specific operation and deliver this crane in different sizes and configurations including zero outreach and outreach from both sides, with both rotating and non-rotating trolleys that lift all container and trailer types.

MHM Konecranes RMG Rail Mounted Gantry crane container handling

3D Printed Crane Models

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3D printed port crane models
3D printed port crane models