We offer grabs and other lifting equipment. The range of products includes bulk cargo and container handling as well as special hoists.

Key areas of action are ports, ships, manufacturers of cranes and construction machinery, steel mills, waste-to-energy plants and recycling/scrap handling industries.

MHM PEINER orange peel grab bulk
MHM PEINER orange peel grab metal scrap

Grabs are powerful and flexible to use.

We provide a great variety of models for almost every application. Top-quality materials make products very stable and secure a long service life as well as easy maintenance.

High lifting capacities of the grabs allow maximum outputs and increased efficiency.

Slewing Units are nowadays a part of the basic equipment of almost every harbour mobile crane, but can also be found on stationary cargo cranes and deck cranes.

Slewing units are used where the crane operator is required to turn loads hanging on crane hooks.

Today, the lifting capacity is 200 tons and more.

MHM PEINER swivel unit hook mode

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